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I-Strategic Middle East Foreign Policy and Syria Experts

In My Point Of Veiw

That's the world from my perspective - with a free weblog from blogigo.

In Transition

personal writings from a "refugee New Yorker" in her mid-twenties

Innocents & Experience

This is my life in parallel for 3 years running. I am typing up my real diary entries from 2003...

Inside my brain . . .

That's the world from my perspective

Invest in Open Lands at Hyderabad

Is There Pleasure Without Pain?

This is going to be a food diary. I will write in here what I have eaten each day. In the past I...

It all begins here.

it seemed like a good idea at the time...

almost 50, and finally ''getting it.'' sometimes i find that incredibly sad, and sometimes i'm...

J.B.'s Writing Blog

My writing's for group and class. Any entries are the sole property of J.B. McLaine (me)

Jack Ass By Kids

Hi Everyone.