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Apr 30, 2014 at 08:07 o\clock

LG And LED Technology

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When you are out there to study reviews on LG 32LS5600, then you might come across information that might confuse you. Most of the customer reviews on this television set are positive while the experts are not too keen about the product. Here are the finer points which will let you decide as to which path you need to take.

Feature Rich LED Experience

The LG 32LS5600 being a 32 inch LED TV which supports HD; you would be in for a great digital experience when you buy this set. There is a built in digital Freeview tuner which allows one to access TV and radio channels swiftly. There is a USB and three HDMI input ports available. Thus, to connect with a Blue Ray player as well as your games consoles can be done simultaneously. Hence, most customers are happy with this television set and it is not too hard to imagine why.

Room For Improvement

What the experts have to differ about is the contrast being too low as compared to other LED HD TVs. There is clouding which is evident as well as sound quality that leaves much to be desired. Most users require to supplement the television set with a surround system or a stereo system to make the effect complete.



Many people are on the lookout for a large HD TV of a budget price. LED TVs are newer in the market and thus, they are a bit too pricey at the moment. Among LCD TVs, LG offers some good budget TVs. However, it is best to refer to reviews in order to know what to expect out of the television you decide to buy.

The Good News

The great news about the LG 32CS460 is that, it offers HD resolution picture quality of 720 pixels. It has clear voice system and smart energy saving technology which makes it an environmental friendly choice. There are 2 HDMI input slots and a single USB port. The virtual surround system of the TV make for good audio quality.

The Bad News

Even though it is a budget TV, the picture quality might leave you wanting. Especially when compared to other brands like Sony or Samsung who are offering similar costs and better quality. The experts say that the shadow detailing and the black levels of the television leave a lot to be desired as well as color levels that are incorrect and inaccurate. Overall, picture quality can be improved upon in this TV. It is a budget buy but you may want to look at other options as well.